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Memberships (Coming Soon)

Become a Cohesive ConNEXTion Community Member 

Looking for a group of like-minded people committed to pushing to the highest level of success? Take the opportunity to connect with a community that could inspire you on a personal and professional level. 

Become a Cohesive ConNEXTion Professional Member

We offer access to a community of individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with a drive for success. Cohesive ConNEXTion provides its members with discounts, resources, and other benefits to succeed. 

Become a Cohesive ConNEXTion Business Member 

Increase your online exposure to event planners. We find event organizers willing to hire your services. If you want organizers and planners to find you (and work with you for their upcoming events), become a vendor of Cohesive ConNEXTion.

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Join Our Community


We offer access to a community of individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with a drive for success. We provide training, resources, and other benefits.


Get access to discounted workshops and training, networking opportunities, increased company visibility, and resources. Join discussion boards that interest you or create your own!


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be logged in to your Cohesive ConNEXTion member account for Professional and Business membership benefits.

Image by Christina @
Image by Christina @


We are interested in partnering with businesses that offer training and events for personal, professional, and business development. Please contact us today to connect and join our business directory. Get client referrals and free resources.


Vendor Opportunites

Fill out our vendor application for events hosted by Cohesive ConNEXTion. This includes our Annual B.E.S.T. Showcase event. We only promote and work with the very BEST vendors to deliver the most memorable event experiences.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Cohesive ConNEXTion hosts and co-hosts many events and projects throughout the year to assist with overall community development. If you are looking to support these efforts, please contact us today. 


Community Extras

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Member Benefits

Networking Opportunities

Here, you are able to collaborate, foster ideas between other entrepreneurs, learn from others’ experiences, and seek advice.

Discounted Workshops/Events

Access to discounted or free workshops and events to expand your qualifications, skills, and become marketable.


At Cohesive ConNEXTion’s community, you'll have access to leaders who would support you throughout your leadership journey.

Give Back

We are here to support local community efforts. We promote and advertise events as well as coordinate groups to assist with community development activities.


Cohesive ConNEXTion will provide you with valuable information, insights, and blogs that will inspire you to keep looking forward.


Tell us how we can better improve your membership with Cohesive ConNEXTion.

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